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Selling a Home in the San Francisco Bay Area

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that the inventory of homes for sale stands at a 4.4 month supply. This is considerably lower than the 6-month inventory necessary for a normal market. The low month supply figure signifies that now is a great time to list a home due to high homebuyer demand. Many buyers are being confronted with a very competitive market in which they must compete with other buyers for their dream home. Listing your house for sale now with allow you to capitalize on the shortage of homes for sale in the market, which will translate into a better pricing situation.

Work with a Real Estate Expert

It’s important to work with realtors who specialize in luxury homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. These professionals know what luxury buyers are looking for, and how and where they conduct their property search. They can market your home in the right listings or publications, or through a network that connects them to the right buyers.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

A high-end property is expected to be in the best possible shape at all times. No detail should be overlooked, no matter how minor.

We will walk through the property and identify areas that might need repairs or improvement. Get the services of a professional home stager who will know how to effectively showcase your property. When your home is in competition with other showpiece properties, you have to make sure it is presented in the most attractive way.

Price Your Home

It’s important to price your home accurately from the start. Avoid pricing too high as this could only lead buyers to look elsewhere. If your home stays on the market for a long time, you may have to significantly lower the list price which could make buyers question its desirability.

We can help you come up with the right price through an appraisal process that includes reviewing recent similar sales in your area, as well as industry trends and standards.

Market Your Home

We will know how and where to market your property depending on your preferences.  Whether you advertise in popular listings or other tools (such as luxury real estate magazines) always make sure to have excellent, well-composed photos. Hire professional real estate photographers who can create a good first impression of your home through great pictures.

Additionally, think about branding your home. Consider what makes it special and more appealing compared to similar properties. Is it a historical home with a good story behind it? Perhaps it was designed by a well-known architect?  These details could add value to your property and attract buyers who are looking for something extra.

Hire professional real estate photographers who can create a good first impression of your home through great pictures. Here is an example of what we can do to sell your home!

4128Barner.com {Sold 25% over asking with multiple offers}

Receive and Review Offers

Some offers may seem completely unacceptable, but instead of ignoring them, counter with your own offer. Take the time to consider all bids and carefully study the terms including buyer’s contingencies and financing. We can help you decide if it’s time to accept an offer or wait for more to come in.

Close the Deal

Once you and the buyer come to an agreement, the paperwork required to close the purchase will start. There are closing costs for both buyer and seller, however they can be negotiated in the contract.

Closing a home purchase in California is done through escrow. Once the escrow process begins, you have to wait around 30 to 45 days for the deed to be officially transferred to the buyer.