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San Francisco’s Top 10 Shopping Districts

San Francisco is known for its many shopping districts full of glamorous stores and bounties of tourists visiting from all over the world, as well as the locals who travel to all of the various shopping spots. Let’s take a look at the top ten shopping districts in San Francisco so that you know exactly where to find the hottest fashion pieces on your next trip to the city.

Love to bargain and find great deals on unique items? Chinatown is one of the most famous shopping districts in San Francisco. You can find great bargains on knick-knacks, jewelry and clothing. This is one of the biggest Chinese settlements outside of China. Gain a vast look into the culture, enjoy some Chinese cuisine and shop ‘til you drop!

Union Square
Union square is known worldwide as a shopping haven that is comparable to New York and London. All of the stores in Union Square range from the high end Thomas Pink to the millennial crowd at H&M and Zara.

Known to the world as the hippie station of San Francisco, this area has increasingly become more upscale in recent years making for great people watching. There are plenty of great consignment stores and record stores to find the best music.

South of Market is just across the street from the Union Square area, but is an entirely different area. Westfield Mall is anchored by Nordstrom and has a Bloomingdale’s nearby for traditional shopping.

Sacramento Street
Victorian Homes and boutiques line Sacramento Street creating a charming shopping destination. There are local boutiques and old-fashioned hardware stores as well as consignment stores for both women’s and men’s clothing.

This is a mecca of Japanese stores and markets with bargains at Japanese bargain stores and authentic Japanese noodle stands.

Mission at Valencia
A historic Hispanic neighborhood, Mission Valencia is home to a majority of the working class in San Francisco with plenty of markets and inexpensive spots to shop and browse with friends and family. This area is geared toward a younger crowd of buyers.

Union Street
Union Street is full of boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops in an upscale setting. The shopping district is beautiful but prepare to spend money – many of the shops are on the more expensive side.

Fisherman’s Wharf
This is a tourist destination that has plenty of bargains and plenty of San Francisco-themed gifts for tourists to snatch up and bring back home as souvenirs. Don’t forget to stop and have a bite at one of the many seafood restaurants along the wharf – the seafood is fresh, local and you’ll sure to be hungry after all of the shopping!

There are plenty of places to get great deals, purchase unique finds and immerse yourself in the true culture of San Francisco. Whether you are a tourist, new to living in the city, or are a lifelong resident of San Francisco, there are a multitude of different places to shop and find pieces you will treasure for a lifetime!