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Inner / Outer Richmond

The Richmond District lies in the northwest corner of San Francisco, offering easy access to the waterfront and to some of San Francisco’s most famous destinations.

The district is officially made up of five sub-neighborhoods but San Francisco residents think of it as divided into just two parts:theInner Richmond and theOuter Richmond. The Inner Richmond refers to the inland portion east of 19th Avenue, while the Outer Richmond lies closer to the Pacific Ocean to the west of 19th Avenue.

Living in the Richmond District

Aside from location, the main distinction between Inner and Outer Richmond is the amount of activity that goes on in either area.

Both are largely residential in nature, but Inner Richmond is the busier of the two, hosting more homes and business establishments than its western counterpart.On the other hand, Outer Richmond is considered the more affluent neighborhood.

Both Inner and Outer Richmond, however, share the same multicultural influences.

Inner Richmond has often been referred to as San Francisco’s second Chinatown, but this is a misrepresentation as the entire district is a true melting pot of various cultures including Chinese, Russian, Irish, Jewish and Japanese. All over the district, you can find shops, restaurants and other establishments that strongly reflect this mix of cultural influences.

The weather in the Richmond District also greatly impacts the lifestyle. The area experiences heavy fog almost daily, usually starting at 3 p.m. In times when the weather is especially downcast, residents may not even see the sun for days. While some might find this, many others consider it romantic and appealing.

The seconditionsarea bit more pronounced in Outer Richmond, but the lack of sun is made up for by the neighborhood’s proximity to Ocean Beach and Baker Beach. It also offers great views of the San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge.

Family households dominate the Richmond District and its population hasa median age of 41 years.
There are several highlyrated schools in the area including:

Outer Richmond:

  • Lafayette School
  • George Washington High School

Inner Richmond:

  • George Peabody Elementary
  • Sutro Elementary
  • Roosevelt Middle School

Real Estate

The majority of Richmond District properties are duplexes built in the 1920s, but there are also a few of the closely-clustered Victorian and turn-of-the-century homes that San Francisco is known for. Many have recently seen upgrades and renovations.

They feature such quaint and charming details as a Tudor Revival facade, French grills, and Moorish arches.

Many homes in the Richmond District originally had a basement which were converted in the early 1900s into garages – a definite plus in San Francisco where parking is usually a concern.

Marina-style houses are popular in Outer Richmond. Their most distinct features are a sunroom that adjoins a bedroom and a split bathroom (the bathing area is separate from the toilet.)

Outer Richmond is also the home of affluent Sea Cliff where you can find luxurious grand estates with spectacular views of the ocean and the bay.

Attractions and Amenities

Richmond District offers a wealth of attractions and amenities, including:

  • Restaurants offering various cuisines on Clement Street in Inner Richmond
  • Golden Gate Park at the district’s southern border
  • The Presidio of San Francisco
  • Land’s End and other natural attractions at the Golden Gate Recreation Area


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