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One of the most storied and charming places in San Francisco is Dogpatch. Located at the Central Waterfront, it was officially designated a historic district of San Francisco in 2002.

Dogpatch shares its history with Potrero, the two having been established in the 1860s by industrial workers and craftsmen who came to the area in the wake of the Gold Rush and ended up working for the then-thriving Central Waterfront.

Dogpatchsurvived the 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed much of the South of the Market area. As a result, it is one of the few neighborhoods in the district that still houses some of the original homes and buildings in the city’s distinct late 19th century styles.

Living in Dogpatch

With its many well-preserved historical homes and buildings, Dogpatch offers an appealing, old-town vibe that has attracted a wide mix of residents and businesses. Home to artists, entrepreneurs and manufacturers, the district gives off a laid-back feelthat thinly veils a highly creative force.

Many of Dogpatch’s historic industrial buildings have been converted for modern use. Pier 70, which has served as a shipyard and industrial site since the Gold Rush, has remained a major commercial hub to this day and is the home of small businesses, artisans and entrepreneurs. 

The same entrepreneurial and artistic vibe can be felt in the district’s other historic structures. Aside from arts and crafts stores, these sites also host charming restaurants, coffee and ice cream shops, and design studios, among many others.

Attracting discriminating homebuyers from around the country, Dogpatch is unmistakably a wealthy community, with a median household income that’s around 65% higher than the San Francisco average (according to the most recent US Census estimates). Residents are relatively young with a median age of 36 years, and there’sa good mix of families and singles.

Dogpatch has more than 50 schools in its vicinity. The neighborhood is easily accessible, with the Muni T-line, the Caltrain, and Fillmore line all going through it.

Real Estate

Dogpatch’s Victorian-erahistoric homes are certainly among its greatest treasures. Many of these were built by hand by the original working families who lived here, and some were designed by or patterned after the design of architect Jon Cotter Pelton, Jr. in the 1880s. The specifications were tailor-made for the budget of that era’s industrial workers.

In the 1970s, most of Dogpatch’s historic homes were bought and renovated. These days, it’s rare to find any of them on the market.

Condominiums, townhomes and lofts are the predominant real estate types in Dogpatch. Many of these were built in the early 2000s, and some were redevelopments of historic buildings. While the majority havetwo bedrooms, many also come with one, three and five bedrooms.

Common features among these properties include large windows that let in a lot of natural light, hardwood floors, and an open plan. Some multi-story lofts have lifts/elevators. Many of the properties offer great views of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

Attractions and Amenities

Dogpatch covers only a small area, making it highly walkable. Many of its attractions and amenities can be reached by foot, including the following:

  • Eclectic restaurants like Serpentine and The Lab
  • Dogpatch Wine Works
  • Rickshaw Bagworks – home of a wide variety of messenger bags
  • La Fromagerie cheese shop
  • The Museum of Craft and Design
  • Weave Cove Park


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