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Bayview Hunters Point

San Francisco may be one of densest cities in the country, but this hasn’t stopped it from growing to this day. If you’re looking for a high-potential area in the region, consider Bayview/Hunters Point.

The real estate market in Bayview/Hunters Point is currently very active with new developments spurred by the largest companies in the industry.

A districtwith a colorful and interesting history, Bayview/Hunters Point was once a naval testing and power plant site. Decades of planning and cleaning up by the local government have now made it a desirable place to live.

The Bayview/Hunters Point area consists of the following neighborhoods:

  • Bayview
  • Hunters Point
  • Outer Mission
  • Crocker Amazon
  • Visitacion Valley
  • Excelsior
  • Portola
  • Mission Terrace
  • Silver Terrace
  • Bayview Heights
  • Little Hollywood
  • Candlestick Point

Living in Bayview/Hunters Point

Massive redevelopments by Lennar Corporation, particularly of the Hunters Point and San Francisco Naval shipyards, have transformed the district into a real estate growth area. It has been posting significant home price appreciations of around 32% to 45% in the last five to six years, and before that, a whopping 342% from 1996 to 2008.

Despite the price appreciation, housing in the district remains highly affordable especially when compared to the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area.

These recent changes have made Bayview/Hunters Point a highly diverse community. Generations of families that have lived here for decades have been joined by new residents taking advantage of the district’s redevelopment gains and affordable housing costs.

With its long history, the place is dotted with old-time landmarks that speak of its storied past, as well as several parks and playgrounds.

Locally owned restaurants, some of which have been around for years, serve a wide variety of cuisines including traditional soul food as well as Mexican and Asian fare. The area’s markets are also among its top attractions.

The district also offers easy access to downtown San Francisco and its many amenities through the MUNI T Third Street Light Rail.

Schools in the neighborhood include:

  • George Washington Carver Elementary
  • Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School
  • Thurgood Marshall High School

Real Estate

The area is dotted with historical Victorian and mid-century single-family homes that remain standing in their original condition. Most other houses were built in the 1980s. While a good portion of these make excellent fixer-uppers, a number havebeen well-maintained and upgraded over the years, and others have seen recent renovations.

Newly built condos like 4800 3rd Street and 5800 3rd Street offer upscale but affordable two to three-bedroom units, with features that include a private balcony, stainless steel appliances, and large glass windows that let in plenty of sunlight.

Then there’s the San Francisco Shipyard, a complete community with residential and commercial buildings and neighborhood amenities that include parks, an art gallery, and shopping centers.

Attractions and Amenities

Some of the district’s historical landmarks include:

  • The Bayview Opera House
  • The Invocation Statue
  • The Albion Brewery
  • Quinn House

Other attractions and amenities include:

  • Bayview Park
  • Candlestick Point recreation area
  • The Storehouse specialty store at The San Francisco Shipyard

Restaurants like Radio Africa & Kitchen and Auntie April’s Chicken


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