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Poets Corner

Poets Corner is undeniably a family-friendly neighborhood, with its tree-canopied streets and landscaped homes giving off a traditional and timeless charm.

Bounded by Oak Park Boulevard, Boyd Road, the Contra Costa Canal and Patterson Avenue, Poets Corner is one of Pleasant Hill’s oldest developments. It is also one of its most sought-after neighborhoods, with higher home values than most of the city.

Living in Poets Corner

The majority of Poets Corner’s population is made up offamilies, and the median age is 41 years (as of the 2010 Census). About 26% of the population are 19 years old or younger.

Poets Corner’s residents rely mostly on private vehicles for transportation. However, the area is only minutes away from Pleasant Hill BART, as well as Highway 680, making it highly-accessible to and from other parts of Metro San Francisco.

Served by the Contra Costa Country ROP District, Poets Corner also features several highlyrated schools, including:

  • Sequoia Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary School
  • Horizons Alternative School
  • College Park High School

The Poets Corner neighborhood is a closely knit one. Community events such as Christmas and Fourth of July celebrations are regularly held.

Despite its density, the neighborhood has enough open spaces that allow residents to enjoy the year-round pleasant weather – one more factor that makes Poets Corner an ideal place for family living.

Real estate

Single-family homes largely dominate the real estate scene in Poets Corner. Many of these were built in the 1940s and 1950s, but home construction around the area continued at a healthy rate up to the 2000s. The result is a wide variety of home styleswith a wide range of property ages. A large majority of residences here havethree bedrooms.

The community also has several apartments, but about 80% of the population own the homes they live in. In the housing market, this is usually a good indication that houses are wellcared for, as owners tend to better maintain their homes compared to renters.

Poets Corner residents also tend to keep their homes longer, staying an average of five years in a home. Long residency and ownership indicate continuous upgrades in homes, giving them better market value.

Whilethere’s a wide variety of housing stylesand sizes in the community, a common feature is a well-kept yard with attractive landscaping. Along with the lush trees that surround the area and great views of Mt. Diablo in the distance, Poets Corner is a picture-perfect neighborhood that would make a great home for anyone looking for a serene, welcoming place to live.

Attractions and amenities

One other factor that makes Poets Corner ideal for family living is its walkability. Many of the amenities and attractions in Poets Corner are within walking distance, or just a few minutes’ drive away. These include:

  • Shopping centers like Downtown Pleasant Hill and Carmelo Plaza
  • Bay Area Trainer – a gym and physical fitness center
  • Sunnyvale Market and Deli
  • Restaurants offering various cuisines, such as Bangkok Restaurant and Rapallo Ravioli Factory


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