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Piedmont Pines – Oakland Neighborhood

Many consider Piedmont Pines to be part of Montclair Village, and indeed, these two adjoining Oakland neighborhoods have many things in common. However, Piedmont Pines is a distinct community with its own proud and active neighborhood association.

Shepherd Canyon and Girvin Drive separate Piedmont Pines from Montclair Village on the north, but Piedmont Pines shares Montclair Village’s commercial district. To the south and the west, Piedmont Pines is bordered by Highway 13 and the Joaquin Miller Park.

Piedmont Pines has been nicknamed “Oakland’s Millionaires’ Hill” due to the high value of properties here as well as the area’s general affluence. Residents like to retreat to the neighborhood’s tranquil, mountain-resort lifestyle after a long day at work mostly in nearby San Francisco Bay Area business centers.

Living in Piedmont Pines

Piedmont Pines is a family-friendly neighborhood and about 20% of the population is below 18 years old. The schools in the area, including the Joaquin Miller Elementary School, consistently get top rankings in academic achievement.

The median household income is about 187% more than the median for Oakland as a whole, and residents’ median age is 45 years.

The neighborhood is surrounded by lush forests mostly of eucalyptus and pine trees, with large homes sitting on lots measuring thousands of square feet. It offers plenty of open space where families can enjoy a healthy, outdoorsy lifestyle.

In keeping with its bucolic vibe, Piedmont Pines does not have a shopping district of its own, but residents can easily go to nearby Montclair Village for their retail and household needs.

The Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association was created in 1941 (known then as Piedmont Pines Club), and through the decades has taken an active role in various city planning processes, including utility undergrounding, safer and more convenient walking paths, and beautification programs.

Piedmont Pines, Oakland Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Piedmont Pines real estate consists almost exclusively of single-family homes. Of these, around 94% are owner-occupied and only 6% are rented.

Homes in the area have mostly been designed and constructed to be in keeping with the neighborhood’s mountain-resort ambience. Cabin-style, Redwood Craftsmans, contemporary ranch and Mission Revival-style homes are the standard architectural types. Most homes feature 3 to 4 bedrooms with large decks offering great views of the bay and surrounding mountainsides.

Additionally, warm palettes, beautiful hardwood finishes, spacious kitchens and lush green landscaping are some of the common features of Piedmont Pines homes. There’s also a number of available vacant lots in thickly wooded areas.

Attractions and Amenities

Piedmont Pines’ rural vibe is one of its best features, and instead of sprawling shopping complexes there are plenty of fun things to do outdoors in the neighborhood.

In addition to its proximity to the Montclair Village shopping center, Piedmont Pines residents also enjoy the following attractions and amenities within or near its borders:

  • Chabot Space and Science Center – this science museum features a digital planetarium, powerful telescopes and interactive displays
  • Joaquin Miller Park – spread on 500 acres of heavily forested land, it features hiking, biking and horseback-riding trails, picnic areas, and the 2,000-seat Woodminster Amphitheater and Cascade
  • Beaconsfield Canyon – a 5.5-acre canyon with four different habitats and around 1,000 kinds of native plants, it was once slated for development but is now a protected area tended to by resident volunteers

Homes for Sale in Piedmont Pines, Oakland

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