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San Francisco is unlike any other city in the world. It is a melting pot of different cultures, many of which reflect in the restaurants and food spots in the Bay Area – and San Francisco is no stranger to eclectic places to dine out.

Whether you’re new to town or have been here a while, check out these five eclectic restaurants that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Brainwash Café & Laundromat
1122 Folsom St.

At Brainwash Café & Laundromat you can eat, drink and do your laundry. This restaurant concept was a bit of an accidental stroke of genius for Susan Schindler, who was planning to open a club but then found out about the need for a Laundromat south of Market. She merged the two concepts and created Brainwash Café & Laundromat – and the rest is history.

You can chow down on waffles, sip coffee, drink $1 beers during happy hour, join in on the open-mic nights and enjoy free Wi-Fi – all while doing your laundry.

403 Mason St.

You may be familiar with Supperclub as a hot spot for dancing and drinking, but you can also wine and dine there! The chef at this unique restaurant prepares a 4-course meal for you to enjoy while lounging on an oversized white bed with your shoes off. While you enjoy your dinner, you can also enjoy an avant-garde show with burlesque dancers, acrobatics and trapeze stunts. It’s unlike anything else in the city.

Forbes Island
Pier 41

Forbes Island is a romantic and eclectic dining location simply because you eat underwater on a man-made floating island. Dining at Forbes Island is truly an experience you will never forget – you start off with a short boat ride to the island, along with a short history lesson.

When you arrive, you have free time to explore the island before you eat – so, don’t forget to check out the 40-foot lighthouse with spectacular views!

El Mansour
3119 Clement St.

Have a seat, eat with your hands and enjoy watching belly-dancers groove to eclectic Moroccan music. This is a true Moroccan experience. You wash your hands before the meal with rose-scented water, you drink mint tea and you can interact with amazingly talented entertainers – some even give on the spot dancing lessons to diners! There is also a beautiful backdrop created outside by the exterior tiling, so make sure to take a photo for the occasion.

Karma Kitchen
Taste of the Himalayas
1700 Shattuck Ave

At Karma Kitchen, he entire staff works off of smiles and pure kindness. This is a pay-it-forward concept, so you will receive your meal as a gift from a customer before you and you have the opportunity to pay as much as you please to give a meal to the next person. All of the profit goes to purchasing ingredients for the next month. You will receive unlimited amounts of Indian and Nepalese cuisine. This place truly spreads good karma.

Whether you’ve just moved to the city or are a local looking for new places to enjoy, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more great ideas. We’re just a phone call away.